R & R Meat Goat Farm is a production farm where we breed and raise meat goats for commercial and breeding purposes.  Since 2000, we have been involved in some shape or form in the goat business.  In the last five years we have sought to move from raising goats as a hobby to raising goats for meat production.  We are dedicated to producing the best quality of full-blood and percentage boer meat goats by placing emphasis on selective breeding methods.  We strive for the best natural genetics; in doing so we look for unique physical characteristics that serve multiple purposes for our herd and our customers.

Our goal at R & R Meat Goat Farm is to improve the boer breed through our research in the area of natural genetics for meat production.  We also strive to produce an aesthetic and conformed animal for those who wish to show.  In raising our meat goats, we promise our customers an animal that has been grown in a sustainable agricultural setting.  We regulate the most important areas in raising meat goats such as pasture management, herd management, supplemental stock, nutritional, and animal welfare.

Mission Statement:  To provide our buyers the most naturally produced meat goat through our beliefs as part of sustainable agriculture.  To do business in an honest and forthright way as to gain repeat customers and new customers through the recommendations of prior customers.  To increase our understanding of the boer breed through continuous advancements made in pasture management and herd management and to pass those along to those interested.