About Us

R & R Meat Goat Farm is a production farm.  What this means is we raise full-blood and percentage (mixed) boer goats for those in the meat market.  However, we also keep in mind that there are those that may be interested in purchasing some of our animals for breeding purposes.  Because of this, we try to keep a wide variety of boer goats on our farm to meet the demands of our customers.

R & R Meat Goat Farm started off as a hobby in 2005.  While attending North Carolina State University, a university founded on agriculture and engineering, I decided that my knowledge and curiosity for the boer breed was something I could potentially build into a production farm.  Most boer goat owners raise boers for the show circuit.  This takes a different set of skills and resources than that of those who wish to produce goat meat for the very high demands of our agricultural economy.  In running our farm as a business, we hope to be able to meet the demands of those who enjoy the boer breed for their highly nutritional superiority over the other meat groups we are accustomed to using in the United States.

In raising boer meat goats, we have grown to know that technological advancements are made daily.  These advancements help to improve the breed in areas of genetics, weight gain, parasite control, pasture management and herd managment.  Because of our devotion to our farm and our customers, we vow to stay curious and educated in promoting the boer breed through farming.  In doing this, we take it upon ourselves to stay involved in organizations that are devoted to promoting and educating us and others about the boer breed.  Hence, we are involved in organizations such as the North Carolina Meat Goat Association (NCMGA), Boer Goat Association of North Carolina (BGANC), and the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA).  I also attend events held by North Carolina State University and the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) that educate our farm about the boer breed and sustainable agriculture.